Saddle Up: Exploring the Majestic Old Spanish Trail on Horseback

The historical significance of our area never fails to amaze us. Recently, during our research, we stumbled upon an intriguing fact that made our hearts race – the renowned old Spanish Trail that was created in the 1500s by Spanish conquistadors to claim California and its gold may have passed through our Nevada locale and perhaps even through our Ranch itself.

Over time, the Spanish Trail evolved into a major trade route, connecting New Mexico and California. Imagine mule trains, consisting of up to a hundred mules, transporting vibrant Indian blankets to California to trade for horses.

As the Spanish-American War erupted in the early 1800s, brave souls like Kit Carson and John C. Fremont traversed this path. As the century progressed, the Spanish Trail was trodden by a plethora of adventurers including farmers, families, prospectors, and armies – all journeying West in search of new beginnings.

Each time I embark on a ride along this trail, my thoughts wander towards the traders, pioneers, and gold-seekers of yore who contributed towards shaping the foundations of our beloved American West.

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