American Rodeo

Rodeo at the ranch.

We are proud to offer two spacious arenas fully equipped and capable of hosting rodeos of any size and event type.

Rodeo is a competitive sport that originates in the cattle herding practices of Spain, Mexico, the Western United States, Canada, South America, and Australia. The sport evolved from the skills required by vaqueros and cowboys in the western regions of these countries.

Cowboy at the ranch.

Nowadays, rodeo has become a popular sporting event that features a range of competitions designed to test the speed and skill of cowboy and cowgirl athletes. The events can be divided into two main categories: rough stock events and timed events.

Professional rodeos typically include the following events:

  1. Tie-down roping
  2. Team roping
  3. Steer wrestling
  4. Saddle bronc riding
  5. Bareback bronc riding
  6. Bull riding
  7. Barrel racing

Each event involves either riding or working with livestock and requires a high level of athleticism and expertise from the participants. Rodeo continues to be a beloved and exciting sport enjoyed by fans and athletes around the world.

A cowboy at sandy valley ranch.