Step into the World of Cowboy Games: Unleash Your Inner Wrangler

Are you ready to trade in your deck of cards for some good ol’ cowboy games? At our ranch, we believe that the spirit of the Wild West lives on through these classic pastimes that have entertained wranglers for generations. So, grab your boots and join our playful staff for an evening of fun and laughter as you learn the ropes of these iconic cowboy games.

Axe Throwing: Test Your Aim and Precision

In the tradition of Cowboys and Indians, you’ll step up to the line and aim at the target with your trusty axe. It’s all about accuracy and precision as you channel your inner frontiersman and try to hit that bullseye. The satisfying thud of the axe finding its mark is a feeling like no other.

Cowpie Toss: Pitch That “Pie” Like a Pro

Now, don’t let the name fool you; we’re not throwing actual cowpies! Instead, you’ll be tossing a faux “pie” into a barrel stave ring. We even provide gloves for those who might be a tad squeamish. It’s all about that perfect throw, that moment when your aim is true, and your pie lands right where it should.

Bucking Barrel: Hold on Tight!

Ever wondered what it feels like to ride a buckin’ bronc? Our wranglers have got you covered. They’ll give the barrel a good “buck” to create the sensation of a real rodeo ride. Hang tight and see if you have what it takes to stay in the saddle.

Horseshoes: Aim for the Ringer

Pitching horseshoes is a true cowboy classic. Try your hand at this age-old game, where the goal is to land a “ringer” or at least get a “leaner.” It’s a test of accuracy and finesse, and it’s bound to get your competitive spirit going.

Roping Lessons: Become a Lasso Pro

Ever watched a professional cowboy effortlessly throw a loop? Now’s your chance to learn the art of roping from our experienced wranglers. Keep an eye out, though; our “cow” may have a tendency to pull to the left. It’s all part of the challenge!

Box Hockey: The Cowboy Foosball

For a high-energy workout that’s pure cowboy fun, try your hand at box hockey. It’s like foosball, but with broomsticks, and it’s guaranteed to get your heart racing. Battle it out with your friends in this exciting game of skill and strategy.

Sling Shots: Ancient Weaponry, Modern Fun

Step back in time and try your hand at using one of the world’s oldest weapons – the slingshot. Test your marksmanship as you aim for targets and experience the thrill of launching projectiles with precision.

Goat Dressing: Fun and Quirky Competition

In this unique cowboy competition, two teams face off to see who can catch a goat and dress it in an oversized t-shirt and shorts in the shortest time possible. Rest assured, our furry participants are well taken care of, and keeping their shorts on is all part of the challenge!

Hay Bale Hauling Relay: A Test of Strength

If you’re up for a physical challenge, the hay bale hauling relay is the game for you. Teams compete to see how quickly they can carry a 100 lb. bale of hay across the arena. You can enlist the help of your friends, but remember, it’s one bale at a time!

So, whether you’re a seasoned wrangler or a city slicker looking for a taste of cowboy life, our ranch offers a range of entertaining games that will transport you to the heart of the Wild West. Come join us for an unforgettable evening of laughter, camaraderie, and good old-fashioned cowboy competition. Giddy up!

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