Filming Location

Sandy Valley Ranch has been handpicked by shows, bands, and celebrities such as Criss Angel, The Killers, Top Chef, the Travel Channel, Living Better, and numerous international television shows as an exceptional location for shooting movies, TV series, music videos, and conducting photo shoots. This selection is due to its convenient proximity and perfect setting, offering an ideal backdrop for various filming projects.

Often, shooting in remote desert locations presents challenges regarding amenities, housing, and access to editing facilities, which are usually distant or completely unavailable. However, our ranch overcomes these hurdles by providing a diverse range of scenic locations while ensuring comfort and convenience.

Filming at the ranch

We have everything you require for your production needs. Our vast expanse covers 197,000 acres of rugged BLM land and an additional 160 acres of privately owned land. Within this extensive area, you will find suitable locations for Westerns, science fiction, horror, and scenes involving horses, cattle, cowboys, wagons, and rustic buildings. Furthermore, we offer two arenas equipped with wooden bleachers and an ambiance created by eerie mesquite trees, Joshua trees, yucca plants, and various types of cacti. Additionally, our grounds feature acres of dry lake, sand dunes, breathtaking purple mountains (adorned with snow caps during winter), and rugged dirt roads.

The Ranch House boasts a spacious restaurant and meeting facilities to facilitate your production. Moreover, our dedicated team can cater to your crew’s needs, no matter where they are located on the property. We also provide secure equipment storage and deluxe accommodations for stars and directors in a private guest house. Crew housing is available a mere 25 minutes away at two large hotel/casino establishments if required.

Situated just 45 minutes from Las Vegas and a convenient 4-hour drive from Los Angeles, our ranch benefits from a private 3,200 ft paved and illuminated airstrip capable of accommodating small jets. We also assist in acquiring permits in Nevada and California, and our experienced staff members are well-versed in working with film crews, always eager to provide their expertise and support.