Sample Quinceanera Package

Arrival and Greeting by Mariachi Band
You and your guests will enter the Ranch House through a tunnel of mariachi musicians playing violins, trumpets, guitars, etc. in full costume.  You can decorate the Ranch house as you wish, or we will do it for you. ..

Our Escaramusa team, Las Coronelas, and our Charros can be present in full costume and on horseback.

Mass and Ceremony in the Ranch House
Choose your officiant, or we can provide our local priest.  The Ranch house can seat 300 people for a mass.  Coffee, champurrado, and sweet Mexican bread can be available as your guests arrive. (included in base price.)

Coleadero or Charreada
Invite your own teams/participants, or we will provide them.  A Tamborazo will keep things lively.  We have all our own livestock on premises including wild horses, jaripeo  bulls, and coleadero bulls.  Our Lienzo is one of the finest in the region and was just dedicated in November of 2013.

Celebration Meal
You can use our full commercial kitchen to prepare and serve the meal yourself, or we are happy to do it for you.  Our lovely chef is a master of Mexican food from mole to tacos to sopapillas.  All meals are provided by a licensed caterer.

Dancing into the Night
You can choose to dance in the Lienzo, on our back lawn under the mesquites or by our Gazebo, or in the Ranch House.  Bring your own band, or we will provide one.  Your Court Waltz can be in the Ranch House or in our Gazebo depending on size.

Escaramusa Performance
Our team is always happy to perform in your honor.

Horse Drawn Surrey
You and/or your Court can arrive at the event in our Surrey with the Fringe on Top.

Personal Event Coordinator
We will provide you an experienced event coordinator for no additional expense, should you so desire.

Rental of Facility Only
If you wish to handle all fiesta details yourself, you can rent the Ranch House, kitchen, and lawns for $1000 for the day  plus $10/guest.   We require an additional $500 deposit for use of the kitchen that is fully refundable if the kitchen is returned to us in its original condition.

*All above activities are independently priced and depend on length of use, number of people, and other variables.

Please call our Event Coordinator at 702.242.0955 for more information.

We will be delighted to work with you at no charge to create the perfect event for your Quinceneara.

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