Hola Diablo

My son-in-law, Timothy, who “wrangles”  our website, has told me that we need to have a blog on our website. Since I’d rather be on a horse than at my computer I was tempted to say phooey, but then good judgment kicked in. So here goes….

We have a charming little petting zoo on the ranch that houses chickens, pigs sheep and goats. The goats are real characters, and they reproduce like rabbits.  We had five babies this spring so if anybody out there needs a goat give us a call.  My son Matthew did manage to put one of them to good use as a goat scarf.

Apparently five more goats wasn’t enough, so when I was out riding and saw a really beautiful longhorn goat at the ranch across the street, I just couldn’t resist and bought him. 

What do you think???

I should have known better. People say pets tend to take on the characteristics of their name and that’s true. It didn’t take Diablo a week to destroy the beautiful Victorian street lamp that I had in the pen. After taking on that little job he commenced to butt the heck out of his galvanized water trough. It’s done for.  

Finally Luis, our head wrangler, came up with a good use for the rascal. 


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