Horseback Riding Safety

For the safety of our riders and our horses, we strictly adhere to the following rules and restrictions.
Riders cannot wear open-toed shoes. Smooth-soled shoes with a heel are preferred.
All minors must wear a helmet.
Riders must be 11 years old or older. *
Video cameras may not be used during the ride.
Riders must be under 250 lbs. **
Riders cannot be pregnant.
Riders must speak reasonable English. ***
Riders must be physically and mentally sound.
* Experienced youngsters can request an exception to this rule. Contact our reservations team for details.
** Most people are not aware that horses are only designed to carry one-fifth their body weight. So that we can maintain the health of our horses, we must restrict the weight of the riders.
*** While riding, riders must be able to understand verbal commands. Riders who cannot understand basic commands may not be able to ride.

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