Cowboy Games

Enjoy a fun evening learning a cowboy game from our playful staff. Wranglers have been occupying themselves with these classic games for years, and you’ll see why because they are so much fun. They might make you drop solitaire and take up cow pie tossing.

Games include:

Axe Throwing – Just like Cowboys and Indians, guests throw axes at a target.

Cowpie Toss – Pitch the “pie” into a barrel stave ring. (Gloves are provided for the squeamish.)

Bucking Barrel – Our wranglers “buck” the barrel creating the feel of a real buckin’ bronc.

Horseshoes– Pitch those shoes and try to get a “ringer” or at least a “leaner.”

Roping Lessons – Wranglers on the ground teach you how professional cowboys throw a loop. Watch out, our “cow” has a tendency to pull to the left.

Box Hockey – This is a cowboy version of foosball done with broom sticks. It’s a great aerobics workout.

Sling Shots – Try your hand at using one of the world’s oldest weapons.

Goat Dressing – When the gun is fired, two teams at a time compete to see which one can catch a goat and dress him in an oversized t-shirt and shorts in the shortest amount of time and run back to the other end of the arena. And never fear this activity is designed to be safe for our goats. Half the battle is makin’ sure the goat keeps his shorts on!

Hay Bale Hauling Relay – This is done in the arena to see how fast a team can carry a 100 lb. bale of hay across the arena. Yes you can get help from your friends. But one at a time

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