Cowboy Campout

cowboy campout

Your adventure begins with a scenic 45-minute drive from Las Vegas. The Mojave Desert welcomes you as you pass ancient yucca and Joshua trees. Driving over the crest of the beautiful Columbia Pass, keep an eye out for mountain sheep. You will soon be 100 years from the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas and ready to enjoy a taste of life in the real Old West.

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Upon your arrival at Sandy Valley Ranch, you will be welcomed by your wrangler. He will teach you how to saddle your horse, pack and strap on your saddlebags, provide instruction, assistance, tall tales, cowboy jokes, and escort you safely through your adventure.

After some basic riding instruction, you’ll mount your well-trained horse and head out for an approximate three-hour trail ride through the dry gulches and mesquites of our little piece of the Great American West.

When you arrive at the campsite, you’ll water and unsaddle your horse and help to unpack, set up the campsite, pick your spot, and unroll your bedroll.

Sunset brings hors d’oeuvres and wine. Our desert sunsets are magnificent, so be sure you have your camera. Your Cowboy dinner will be served in our ranch house and includes a beverage of your choice (We don’t recommend champagne…jiggling in the saddlebags ain’t good for it, but Jack travels well.)

No cowboy’s day would be complete without sitting around a campfire. Under the velvet sky, we’ll watch as the flames leap into the air and listen to the soft sounds of horses feeding and bedding down. Singing and cowboy poetry are always possibilities.

cowboy campfire

The next morning wake up to the smell of coffee and bacon and gather around for a hearty breakfast before we pack up and head back to the Ranch.  The “headin’ home” ride will be 2-3 hours.

Back at the Ranch, you’ll bid a sad farewell to friends made in the peace of the Mojave Desert and drive back to the hustle and bustle of the 21st Century. Adios Friends, Vaya con Dios!!!

Please call us for pricing at 702.242.0955

one rider

We provide you with a cowboy hat, bandana, and SVR T-shirt and loan you saddlebags and chaps.

2-5 Riders

We provide you with a cowboy hat, bandana, and SVR T-shirt and loan you saddlebags and chaps.