Trailblazing Retreat: Covered Wagon

The prospect of residing within the snug confines of a covered wagon is nothing short of captivating – it’s a journey into a world where time takes a nostalgic pause.

Your covered wagon sanctuary includes:

  • Slumber serenely with a plush Queen bed, providing a haven of comfort.
  • Electrical outlets are seamlessly integrated within the wagon’s interior.
  • A refreshing hot shower awaits at the Ranch house, where you can cleanse away the desert’s dust.
  • Bask outdoors with a picnic table and a fire pit, perfect for reveling in camaraderie.
  • Enjoy a climate-controlled environment with the in-wagon heating and air conditioning unit.

Venture beyond the confines of your cozy wagon, and a plethora of curated activities await. Settle into the saddle for a horseback ride that immerses you in the rhythm of the ranch. As the sun sets over the enchanting desert expanse, gather around a campfire beneath the velvety canopy of stars – a moment that encapsulates the quintessence of Southwestern allure.

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